• Basketball Skills Training | Amarillo, TX
    Austin Johnson's Academy of Hoops
    Master the basic skills of basketball so that you can take your game to a higher level! Without mastery of the basic skills, it’s impossible to be a truly great player. Before you can score, you have to be able to travel down the court with precision! Sign up for an Amarillo, TX, group or individual skills training session to tighten up your basketball handling abilities. We’ll focus on dribbling, passing, agility and shooting skills.

Skills Training

  • Group Basketball Skills Training | $35 per hour
    Working with a group gives athletes the opportunity to learn from one another while participating in a team atmosphere. Austin's group training sessions provide a competitive yet nurturing environment to help basketball players improve skills and focus on problem areas while enhancing strengths together! Group training is a very affordable and effective method.
    Individual Basketball Skills Training | $50 per hour
    Searching for one-on-one training from a pro who knows the ins and outs of the game? Step up your training regimen with individual skills training with Austin Johnson. Individual attention gives you the chance to focus on areas of growth opportunity and fine-tuning your skills. Call for details today.
  • Schedule a skills training session today and check out our clinics and camps for other options!